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uared Circle Blues

1984:   the dirty days of American territorial wrestling. Baltimore's top wrestling star, King Snake MacEvoy, leaves his abusive and foul-mouthed promoter, Matt Gash, for more money and a starring role in New York. A big mistake: soon, both Snake's career and Gash's business are on the r

oad to ruin. Snake faces a gang of sociopathic locker room bullies and sabotage by his ruthless new boss. The half-mad Gash scrambles to find new stars among the unskilled or even unhinged wrestlers within his reach. For men like these, in times like these, the only ending will be an ending in blood.

This novel tells the stories of men and women in a hard, dangerous, outlaw business, fighting for their lives, careers, and hearts.

Warning: This book is recommended for mature readers only. It contains extensive profanity, extreme violence, racist language, and sexual material.

"The dialogue crackles, the settings are gritty and malodorous, the bones crunch as they are broken and real blood flows. This is the true noir, the underside of American sportainment." -- Andre Jute, author of more than 60 books, including novels like IDITAROD, the greatest race on earth, and non-fiction like WRITING A THRILLER.  

This novel was released October 30, 2016 for Kindle. A paperback is in process and should be out in December.

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"The characters are all different shades of desperado… I felt like I was living, training and fighting with these guys. Totally believable. Really enjoyed it."-- R.A. Barnes, author of Peril, Dodge, and the Zombies vs. Ninjas series

"A fast paced, gripping insight into the seedy world of wrestling, where characters are brought to life, compelling you to fight their corner or hate their guts. Loved the way you got to know their traits & personalities together with the history that shaped them. Found myself enjoying a love/hate relationship with Gash, wanting to understand the reticence of Peter, and hoping for the redemption of Snake. Also admired the strength and guts of Becky & Dora. Great read." "--Mollie Blake, author of The Secret At Arnford Hall - a Cheshire Love Story (Feb2017) '

“Matt Posner's tight, effective prose and strong narrative weave together scenes that are powerful with raw realism." -- Jess C Scott. multi-genre author

This book isn’t a simple story of some wrestlers and promoters, but rather a detailed … view of a slice in time in the history of a major form of sports entertainment…. not a simplistic narrative of good people dealing with bad people, but rather the intertwining of the lives of diverse individuals: some desperate, some greedy, some disgusting, and some simply naïve. -  J.A. Beard, author of the Osland Trilogy


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The Ghost in the Crystal - second edition

My debut novel, The Ghost in the Crystal, is now in a fully revised second edition ebook. I'll get the paperback done soon as well. The second edition has several new chapters of text, some necessary corrections, a few tweaks to sync it better with later editions, and a new cover by Mande Matthews. No more STA, no more "cafeteria," and the number of pillars is right. Also, a few more glimpses at Corby Crow and Dempsey -- the on-the-page debut of Chatterjee Minor -- cameos from some new girl students -- and the same adventures with ghosts, time, travel, and elementals that you remember. Please go to Amazon and buy it. (The Amazon ebook is not available in India.) Please review -- The Ghost in the Crystal loves to know what you think of it!!






 I would love to hear from readers of School of the Ages -- that will never change. I really need reviews as well -- they are far too infrequent. For the last year or so I have been working on a number of projects that are not related to School of the Ages and which I hope will begin to appear at the end of the summer. I'll announce them all here. But I didn't forget about Simon and Goldberry and their friends and foes! I am also working on a School of the Ages novella that will be wild and different, and I have also written a portion of School of the Ages 5:  The Wonderful Carol.  Meanwhile, have you yet read my novelette Sara Ghost? It features Simon and Goldberry as supporting characters in the tale of a young woman with an important real-life problem. It also features a bone-crushing brawl between the magic students and a gang of drug-running thugs. I think it's my finest story for this series, and it's available as an eBook or as an inexpensive paperback. 


For my popular series of interviews with all sorts of authors, from bestsellers to new talent, browse the News section.

"It's an elevated journalistic skill to structure an interview right... Matt Posner could get a job on every newspaper I ever worked on." -- Andre Jute, Goodreads comment, 8 February 2014.


This website hasn't been active for quite a few months. I discontinued my interview series to focus more on writing. I will continue to maintain this site occasionally, but I will probably be making alternate blog locations for other projects and any future interviews.

What is School of the Ages about?

School of the Ages is America's greatest magic school. Located on a secret island in New York Harbor, it's the place to go to learn a distinct and realistic form of magic based on concentration, visualization, and meditation. This series features the adventures of Leicester Moore, known as Simon Magus, beginning when he enrolls at age 13. A true example of the melting-pot that is New York, Simon is one-quarter each British, Asian Indian, Jewish, and Italian:  all-American. Simon's life is full of adventure and sadness to which he brings his own fearless loyalty and growing power. You will also meet Goldberry, his British best friend and study partner, for whom sarcasm is a way of life; the gentle Leah Ritz; the big blustering Yakov Mermelstein, whose Chasidic upbringing makes him a little hard to be around (!); stern but caring teacher Dr. Solomon Archer; and of course the elemental-summoning Robbie Radish, the sassy Avery who is beloved by winds; and many many (many!) characters you will remember forever.

  Every book is full of magic, ghosts and spirits, adventure, and danger, full of culture and history and real places in New York and around the world. In The Ghost in the Crystal, Simon and his team travel back in time to ancient Egypt to get rid of a malevolent ghost. In Level Three's Dream, they must help an autistic teen with magical ability who thrusts them into the world of Lewis Carroll's Alice. In The War Against Love, it's war to the death as School of the Ages takes on the vicious European cabal called Gott im Himmel, while Simon has a chance at love that may end in tragedy. And in the fourth novel, Simon Myth, Simon finds himself in ancient India in the company of the heroes of the great epic the Mahabharata.


School of the Ages features multicultural adventures unlike any you've every read before.

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How to Write Dialogue!

Great dialogue is essential to fiction -- but what are the elements that make it great? Novelist Matt Posner breaks down the subject with meticulous detail and plentiful examples from published novels. Using classic novels and recent novels by active publishing authors, Matt tackles every element of dialogue writing, from content to punctuation. It's a fun and comprehensive study of dialogue writing that's as entertaining as it is useful.

How to Write Dialogue contains selections of expert dialogue writing by eleven current working and publishing authors in many genres. This amazing bullpen includes fantasist JA Beard, science fiction writer Cynthia Echterling, harsh realist Marita A. Hansen, multicultural icon Junying Kirk, horror specialist Stuart Land, fantasy romance author Mysti Parker, conspiracy expert Roquel Rodgers, prolific nonconformist Jess C. Scott, fantasy/science fiction/romance author Chrystalla Thoma, thriller and children's book writer Ey Wade, and time travel romance specialist Georgina Young-Ellis.

Featuring commentaries by best-seller Tim Ellis and prolific non-conformist Jess C. Scott, and with illustrations by fine artist Eric Henty, How to Write Dialogue is a powerful resource for fiction writers at all levels of experience.

"Before reading How to Write Dialogue, I was looking for ways to make my dialogue even better. Not only did Matt Posner answer all my questions, but he also included best practices that I can really use to write authentic, page-turning dialogue." -- Ezra Barany, best-selling author of The Torah Codes
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Teen Guide to Sex and Relationships

Teen Guide answers the important and confusing questions young people have about their bodies and their hearts. It’s an advice book from two authors who care about young people and want to help them work through the tough issues that will be on their minds as they move through an emotionally complex time of their lives. Every question is answered in a conversational way, as if the author were sitting next to you speaking from the heart.

 Co-authored by Matt Posner and Jess C Scott.

 GENRE: Teen Health/Sexuality | 75,000 words

 Matt’s Bio: Matt is an NYC teacher who’s willing to make controversial statements that he thinks are in your best interest. In his own words, Teen Guide “explains what mature, adult sexuality is and provides a useful guide to entering that sexual world at the right time.” He is also the author of the School of the Ages series of novels featuring America’s greatest magic school.

 Jess’s Bio: Jess, a professional non-conformist, has a fresh youthful world view. Now on hiatus from publishing, Jess is currently a political blogger focused upon challenges to democracy in Singapore. Her work has appeared in a variety of genres including urban fantasy, young adult fiction, cyberpunk, and poetry.  Her website is

Cover by Jess C. Scott

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