School of the Ages

About the Author

I am a New York City schoolteacher, originally from South Florida. I live in Queens with Julie, my wife of many years, and work in Brooklyn.

I was born in Glens Falls, NY to musician parents. We have lived in New York, North Carolina, and Florida at various times. I was educated in public school and state colleges. A graduate of North Miami Beach Senior High, I was in the same graduating class with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg, whom I very much admire. I earned a BA in humanities from New College of Florida, an MA in English from Florida State University, and an MFA in Fiction from the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa.

After working for some years as a college professor, I transitioned to a focus on high school teaching. In 2010, at the urging of friends, I made my ambition to be a published writer a reality when I began to publish my work for Amazon Kindle.

I was published traditionally in India in 2011-2012. This relationship continues contractually but is otherwise inactive.

Here are some of the many pivotal people in my life.

Julie Posner -- my wife, who gives me the strength and motivation to carry on.

My parents -- Katherine and Jerry Posner, both living and both dedicated to the arts.

My in-laws, Madhuri and Bibhash Gupta, who inspire me to learn more about India and the Hindu culture.

Eric Henty -- my best buddy who is endlessly encouraging and a hell of an artist, too. Best to Karen and David!

Jess C. Scott -- my business partner and a wonderfully generous, kind, and interesting co-author.

Scott M. Rifkin -- my mentor in teaching (now retired) and the founder of The Exploration Project avant-garde band

Andre Jute -- my unofficial mentor in the writing and publishing business, courteous, gracious, and giving.

Mysti Parker - One of my best buddies in the authorship business.