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indie author interview: K-Trina Meador Blows Down Fences!

Posted by Matt Posner on January 16, 2013 at 5:25 PM

Welcome to my site, eclectic author K-Trina Meador. Note that after this interview, I will be starting publicity for Kindle All-Stars 2:   Carnival of Cryptids, so there will be interviews more frequently beginning Monday 21. K-Trina is not only a cool author, she is also an ace reviewer -- so check out her reviews at Amazon also!

What's your name and where do you live?


Hi! My name is K-Trina Meador and I currently reside in Yukon, Oklahoma. I am originally from Cross Plains, Texas.


What do you write and why do you write it?

I consider myself a multi-genre author. For my first two books, Journey to Freedom and Their Journey Begins are of the historical genre – American Civil War. My third book is a book of poetry based on my own experiences and my current work in progress is a suspense/thriller.


I write because I love to weave tales with truths woven into the storyline.


I enjoy being a multi-genre author as well. I never did like the idea that a writer had to be specialized.

Recommend to readers a book you have written.


I would like to recommend Journey to Freedom. It is my first published full length novel which is a historical novel set in the American Civil War with twenty reviews on Amazon. It chronicles several characters’ lives as they make their journey to freedom from oppression and slavery.


Recommend to readers a book by someone else.


The Ritual by Mark Barry. The Ritual is a horror/thriller/adventure novel expertly told and set in England. I found the detailing of this book to be very intricate and the twists in the plot made me gasp and at times, cringe. I would also like to state that I am not much on the horror genre but this one is an exception.


Tell an interesting experience from your life as a writer.


An interesting experience from my life as a writer cannot be limited to just one experience. I have had the pleasure of meeting and befriending many authors from “across the pond”, as well as, on local ground. I dislike book signings because I get tongue tied when I talk out loud – I’d rather hide behind the computer screen. Since I fired my traditional publisher, my family, friends, author friends, fans and readers keep me focused on my task of writing on my work in progress, The Inner Chamber.


Tell an interesting experience from a non-writing job you've had.

Ahh, now this is an easy one. I am an aircraft mechanic by trade to supplement my starving artist career.


Once upon a time, I worked on the" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Saab 340 which is a twin turboprop aircraft. The maintenance that was required to be performed entailed a high power engine run. At the time the aircraft terminal was doing some construction work and had put up a temporary fence. By the time I was finished doing the high powered engine runs that were required, the exhaust had blown down the entire fence. Oooopppss! Boss just laughed about it. The next day, being curious, I took a look at the fence and it had been rebuilt and reinforced!


If you had a brush with death, describe it.

The biggest impact with my brush of death was not towards myself but it was when I got the call at three o clock in the morning and was told my nineteen year old son had rolled his truck four times and had two other young men in his truck with him. All three young men walked away from the accident with only scratches and bruises. The only part of the truck that was not damaged was the cab. All I can say to this is that their guardian angels were a half-step ahead of their misjudgment. I shudder to think about the possible outcome.


What are your views about love?


Everyone, in one manner or another, seeks to be loved and there are many types of love to fulfill that need; the love of a parent to a child, friend to a friend, sibling to sibling, spouse to spouse.


I believe that when you give love you become deeply vulnerable and you put the power of trust or betrayal into the other person’s hands. I believe love must have the capacity to forgive for without forgiveness, who would be loved for the deeds that we say and do to one another? I believe that love is sacrificial but along with sacrifices there must be healthy boundaries.


What are your views about work?


Writing is my love. Aviation is my work that pays the bills. One day, I hope that my work of love will also be my income.


Write about your favorite teacher.


Mr. C, aka Mr. Joe Coppinger, English teacher at Cross Plains High School a long time ago. I feel like he was the first one to recognize and talk with me about the ability to weave a story.


Give me a link to a funny youtube video.

The star of this clip is the dog that flies.


Where else can we find you on the web, K-Trina?


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