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indie author interview: Tony Healey and Mystique Consumed by Mystery

Posted by Matt Posner on January 31, 2013 at 12:15 PM

This is an interview for Kindle All-Stars 2: Carnival of Cryptids. Seven authors -- seven gripping, suspenseful stories about mysterious and unknown beasts and their deadliness to man -- the Carnival of Cryptids tale itself by bestselling independent author Bernard Schaffer -- and all proceeds to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Today's interview is with science fiction specialist Tony Healey.

I'm happy to welcome you to my website to talk about your participation in Kindle All-Stars 2. After a few necessary questions, I'll get on to some interesting ones.

Necessary questions

Tell us your name and where you're from and where you are now and what you do when you aren't writing.


I’m Tony Healey, and I’m a born-and-bred Brightonian…and proud of it. When I’m not writing I’m helping my wife runn after our 3 daughters and going through the daily grind of things.



Brighton is a vacation/beach town -- wish I could come visit you there!   Tell us about some of your publications besides Kindle All-Stars 2. .


My series, Far From Home, is a Kindle bestseller. I’m writing the fourth entry now for a February release. I’ve had some success in the erotica category, too. I’ve also written horror and thriller short stories.


Readers can go to  for a full list of my works.


How did you find out about Kindle All-Stars?


A friend on twitter said that I should follow Bernard as he seemed to be a really good writer. He also said he was looking for someone to give him some pointers with cover art for his essay Way Of The Warrior. Bernard and I communicated, and he ended up doing the cover himself. I added him to a list of mine, and that was how I came to notice a tweet of his about the Kindle All-Stars. I clicked the link and the rest is history. I’ve not looked back since.


Interesting questions

In the following imaginary scenario of trust and triumph, a publisher calls you and offers you a generous sum of money to write a sequel to a book or continue a series by another author. What book or series, by what author, and why?


Fifty Shades of Grey. I’ve not read it, but I know I can write in that genre, and it’d make good money. I’d call it Another Fifty Shades of Grey.


What is a book you absolutely hate, and why? If you don't hate any books, make up a book you hate and describe that.


I dislike ghost written crap. I hate the way Tom Clancy and James Patterson have whored themselves out by co-writing with other authors. Co-writing…it’s ghost writing. “I’ve got the story, you write it.”


It’s not writing. It’s conning people. I like Clancy’s books, but I wouldn’t spend a penny reading something with his ‘stamp of approval.’


What is your favorite phrase or expression in a language other than English, what does it mean, and why do you like it?


“Revenge is a dish best served cold.” It’s an old Klingon proverb.


If you look at my facebook friend list, Tony, you'll find Lawrence Schoen, the world's leading expert on the Klingon language. Maybe he can translate it for you.

Write a quatrain that contains your name somewhere in it.

Writing books,

I’m Tony Tuck,

Changing my looks,

Into Friar Tuck.

(I know it’s really lame, but it’s all that I could do.)



Suddenly you have a new girl child and a new boy child to name. Your spouse will like whatever name you pick. What names do you give them and why?


Toby (I’ve had this one picked out for a long time) and for a girl Francesca, from The Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep. My wife loves Toby, but she’s not so sure of Francesca to be honest. So far we have a Leah, Freya and Olivia.


Freya is a really awesome name. Choose one of these characters from literature and describe what would happen if your protagonist fought that character: Harry Potter, Frodo Baggins, Elizabeth Bennett, Huckleberry Finn, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

The protagonist of ABC would probably start a story fight with Frodo Baggins, and they’d eventually bore each other with anecdotes. Last man (or hobbit) standing and all that.


You're the second person (after Susan) to choose Frodo to be on the losing end. Poor sad hobbit...    Pick two cryptids and describe in a sentence or two their battle to the death.


The sasquatch fell into the water, and as it plunged down into the icy depths the Kraken rose to meet it. Tentacles wrapped around the flailing furry shape, and the Kraken pulled it down into the darkness; mystique consumed by mystery.


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