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Indie Writer Interview -- Lynne North, Super Fantasist

Posted by Matt Posner on October 17, 2011 at 9:10 PM

What's your name, where are you from, where do you live?

My name is Lynne North, and I live in the north of England in a countryside area of Lancashire. In truth, my surname is ‘Northing’, but after years of seeing my name written as Lynne Nothing, I shortened my author name to North. I’m sure you can understand why!

What do you write and why do you write it?

I write fantasy. All I have ever wanted to be is a writer. I’m never happier than when I am thinking up ideas for stories and getting them down on paper. I love fantasy, especially humorous fantasy like the books written by my hero, Terry Pratchett. I write mainly for children, because my humour tends to be quite child-like. I could be said to be in my second childhood, but the truth of the matter is that I probably never left my first. One of my greatest amusements is writing, and my life’s ambition is to be able to write as a career rather than a sideline. Maybe one day…

Recommend to readers a book you have written.

I would like to recommend both my children’s fantasy books that are available in paperback and on Kindle.

Gertie Gets it Right (eventually) is a children's humorous fantasy novel aimed at the eight years of age to young teen market.

Gertie Grimthorpe comes from a long line of witches. Unfortunately, she hasn't really got the hang of it. Being blonde haired, blue eyed and free of warts isn't much of an advantage.

Try as she might, Gertie's spells fall flat. She manages to give her bat-headed umbrella the ability to talk, but then wishes she hadn’t when all he does is complain and insult people. Even finding an owl to be her Familiar doesn't help. Then again, he is extremely shortsighted…

Gertie is sent to The Academy to improve her spell casting skills. She soon has a best friend in the form of Bertha Bobbit, a big girl, with a matching appetite.

Add to that a Moat Monster with a flatulence problem, the weirdest array of witch's Familiars possible, and a warlock determined to ruin Gertie's chances of success, and the story unfolds.

Not to mention the demon...

Zac's Destiny is a children's sword and sorcery fantasy novel aimed at the nine years of age to mid teen market.

Zac is a fifteen year old stable boy whose life is turned upside down when he finds himself in the midst of demons, magic and a perilous quest. The land around Albemerle castle is under attack, and the only hope of survival for Zac and the people he loves is to find the great wizard, Aldric.

Men have already died trying.

Strange dreams mark the beginning of Zac’s life changing events. Armed with a magic sword, ring and crystal, he sets out with a group of soldiers to find Aldric. Demon attack almost ends Zac’s quest as soon as it begins.

Zac refuses to give up, and soon finds himself accompanied by unusual travelling companions. Many dangers bar their way. Only Zac’s determination and the unexpected help he receives can make it possible to find and free Aldric, and return for the final battle to save the land…

Recommend to readers a book by someone else.

The book written by someone else I would like to recommend is a fantastic fantasy romance written by an American friend of mine, Denna Holm. Her first novel will be published soon by Crescent Moon publishing, and is well worth a read.

Twenty-two-year-old Kimi Wicker learns the hard way what it means to have the rug jerked out from under her. It takes on a whole new meaning when the rug being jerked is Earth and she’s no longer standing on it.

Soul of a Warrior is an 110,000 word science fiction romance that sends Kimi, her two closest friends and a beloved cat, on an incredible journey to the planet of Lavina. Kidnapped by a stranger, they are given no reason for why they must endure the agony of having their bodies stripped down to pure energy, attached to a beam of light, then whisked across the cosmos. With no weapons and little information they are abandoned to their own defenses on this beautiful, but treacherous, world. Now Kimi and her two friends face the daunting task of trying to find their own way back home again. They have the clothes on their back and Kimi’s tabby cat as their only means for hunting food.

Hours before she was torn away from everything she knew, Kimi came face to face with her soul mate, Neyvarre. She quickly learns where the phrase “sparks flew between them” came from when their eyes meet and she’s literally trapped in the powerful current generated between them. But Neyvarre hesitates when the time comes to take her back with him and he leaves an opening for his enemy to step into the picture. Now he is desperate to learn which planet Kimi and her friends have been taken to. He realizes her odds for survival are slim and knows he will suffer for all eternity because of it. It is this endless suffering his enemy has planned for all along…

Tell an interesting experience from your life as a writer.

I find as an author that the characters in whatever I am writing decide whether the book will be a success or not. If by the first few chapters they have not taken over, then it is not going to work. Quite early in work that flows well, my characters begin to dictate the storyline. I write the bare bones, but they add all the flesh. It is never long before I know just what my main characters would or wouldn’t do, say or accomplish. They soon let me know if I waiver from that because the script just isn’t right. I’ve heard writers in the past say their characters take over, but only when I began to experience it myself did I fully understand what they mean. Long may my characters continue to help me. I would never be able to finish a book without them!

Tell an interesting experience from a non-writing job you've had.

My whole working life has been spent working for the NHS, now as a data analyst. The confidentially of the work prevents me from discussing any of the humour and experiences I have been part of here, but there have been many. What I can say is that my sense of direction is probably comparable to that of a goldfish, i.e. I’m okay if I can just go round in circles. If I ever have to drive to other Hospital sites, I invariably get lost. It isn’t my fault, it’s a conspiracy. They definitely move and change the roads every time I use them, honest! That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it…

If you had a brush with death, describe it.

I’m pleased to say I have led something of a charmed existence that has never involved a personal brush with death. If however Death was like Terry Pratchett’s character, who always “TALKS LIKE THIS”, then I would love to interview him! Terry has the clever knack of making Death not seem frightening at all!

What are your views about love?

Love shows many faces to us, the love of parents, brothers and sisters, partners, children, precious pets, friends, the list is endless. However and wherever we find love, we should embrace it with open arms. Love is one of the most important things in all our lives, and living would be worth very little without it.

What are your views about work?

Work, for me, is a means to an end. I envy people whose job is something they love to do, because they are very lucky people. I don’t hate my job, and I work with some lovely people, but what I ultimately want to do is write for a living. A writer’s life is not an easy one however, and there are thousands more people who love to write than there are writers who make the big time. But, we all live in hope, right?

Write about your favorite teacher.

Strangely, I don’t recall a favourite teacher in the literal sense. Maybe because it is so long since I was at school, you could say! The best teacher in my life was my Mother. She taught me how to see magic in the world, and the beauty in the simplest things. Everything that is good about me, I learned from my Mum. Anything that is not so good, I picked up all by myself!

Give me a link to a funny youtube video.

This has got to be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen!

Give me all the links you want to post to promote your work.  Gertie Gets it Right (eventually) - Paperback UK

Children’s humorous fantasy available in paperback and on Kindle! Zac’s Destiny  - Paperback UK

Children’s Sword & Sorcery fantasy available in paperback and on Kindle!  Gertie Gets it Right (eventually) - Kindle UK  Zac’s Destiny - Kindle UK  Gertie Gets it Right (eventually) - Paperback USA  Zac’s Destiny - Paperback USA  Gertie Gets it Right (eventually) - Kindle USA  Zac’s Destiny - Kindle USA  Website  Blog!/Lynne.North.Author  Facebook page

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