Authors & their book covers!! Authors & their book covers!! Mom's on the Roof and I Can't Get Her Down Bringing love from the spirit world. 133796424 Ey Wade 134160673 Beads on a String Zora Neale Hurston would approve. 134160674 A Sister's Promise 134434368 Sibel Hodge being a workaholic in Cyprus! 135368808 Daughters of Iraq Revital tells a moving tale that no one else has told. 138320197 Revital Shiri-Horowitz in one of my favorite kinds of places 138320198 Whitechapel: The Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes Holmes vs. Jack the Ripper. Cor blimey, can't beat that! 139040088 Bernard J. Schaffer El Presidente! 139040089 Mel Comley in Normandy Mel, can I have your fireplace? 139158485 Cruel Justice Lorne Simpkins is hot! 139158486 Lia Fairchild 139371405 Losing the Hate by Simon Palmer A harrowing true story about sexual abuse of a child. See my review on and goodreads. 139650083 Pamela Howes 139650084 Three Steps to Heaven by Pam Howes A rock'n'roll romance. 139650085 Debbie Bennett - from the mean streets of rural Cheshire 139819085 Hamelin's Child by DJ Bennett Gritty and gripping. 139819086 Candy, Murder, and Me A full-figured woman mystery with recipes! One of dozens of books by Carolyn Chambers Clark! 140203143 Gertie Gets It Right (Eventually) Terry Pratchett would love this 'un. 140490016 Mysti Parker, Kentucky Fantasist 140657473 Toonopolis! 140832407 Barbara Silkstone I live in NYC now, but Barbara and I are fellow South Floridians. 141460058 Wendy and the Lost Boys by Barbara Silkstone 141460059 Jess C. Scott Jess was my first friend in the "indie writer" community. We've never met in person, but I will always back her 1000%. 141460060 The Box of Daughter by Katherine Mayfield 141949012 Katherine Mayfield 141949013 Chrystalla Thoma 146246956 Rex Rising by Chrystalla 146246957 Prue Batten 146815996 A Thousand Glass Flowers by Prue Batten 146815997 Bird of Paradise by Catherine Czerkawska 147001257 Catherine Czerkawska, Scottish Romantic Is that The Curiosity Cabinet behind her? 147001258 13 Treasures by Ethan Dempsey I'm reading this book now. I like Charlie. 147333724 Ethan Dempsey, Treasure-Hunting Author 147333725 Fireworks and Aliens by Harri Romney 147646140 Harri Romney, progenitor of Lord Tarquinius Snout 147646262 Ruby Barnes Yes, he's a bloke! 148198597 The Baptist by Ruby Barnes Ruby is having the cover for Peril redesigned as I write this, so I'm presenting the cover of The Baptist instead. 148198598 Mande Matthews, author of the ShadowLight Saga 148427350 Bonded by Mande Matthews The first book in the ShadowLight series. 148427351 Jennifer Rainey, Paranormal Investigator 151080271 These Hellish Happenings by Jennifer Rainey That guy looks a lot like Brent Spiner... 151080272 Book of Mercy by Sherry Roberts 151216888 Sherry Roberts 151216889 Cara Bertoia 152106069 Cruise Quarters by Cara and Ray Bertoia 152106070 Adele Cosgrove-Bray, Author and Potter 154032478 Rowan by Adele Cosgrove-Bray 154032481 Quick Crochet for Kitchen and Bath by Laurie Laliberte Laurie is the most respected independent crochet designer I have ever interviewed. These patterns are just flat-out beautiful, too. 158051218 Fear of the Dark by Laurie Laliberte A dark psycho-sexual short story. 158051219 Laurie Laliberte's Meme This is the face of Laurie Laliberte her friends always see. Sometimes I think it's covering up the fact that she's really Jim Morrison, still in hiding after all these years. 158051220 Strange Kisses by Laurie Laliberte This book is full of sex. NC-17, folks. 158051221 Sallie Lundy-Frommer She is NOT on the fang train 162909009 Yesterday's Daughter by Sallie Lundy-Frommer 162909010 Lydia Bennet's Blog by Valerie Laws 163114363 Valerie Laws Official Skull-collector of School of the Ages 163114364 Maine author Kim Scott 163608945 Regarding Ruth by Kim Scott 163608946 Alesha Escobar Writes Inside a Burning Building This cartoon is by Alesha's husband, an animator for the Simpson's TV show. 165013041 Alesha L. Escobar 165013042 The Tower's Alchemist by Alesha L. Escobar Alchemists and vampires in WWII 165013043 Junying's Blog Tour Graphic 167823952 Land of Hope by Junying Kirk Junying's third effort is an intense tale of longing and belonging. 167823953 Multicultural Icon Junying Kirk 167823954 Night Gypsy by Shelley Halima This is Shelley's most recent publication, an anthology with several other authors. I don't have a picture of Shelley! Not that I didn't look! 170897477 Darkfell by Sam Medina At my request, a page from Sam Medina's Darkfell webcomic. 171321460 Katarina and the Foebreaker's Curse by Samuel Medina. Five stars from me. Echoes Tolkien. See the interview. 171321461 Samuel Medina, cartoonist and fantasist I don't know if he's as tough as he looks in the picture, but I wouldn't mess with him. 171321462 How to Build a Rat Roadster Body by Keith Nichols 171754405 The Ghost of Jack Woodford by Keith Nichols 171754406 Keith Nichols No one has ever seen his real face. He looks like this in his wedding pictures too. :-) 171754407 Rani of Rampur by Suneeta Misra 172345264 Suneeta Misra I really bond with my fellow special educators. A special educator AND a writer? I got your back -- word. 172345265 The Britain and the Dane: Concordia by Mary Ann Bernal. Concordia is a lady of royal blood who sure ain't led no humdrum life. 172738052 Mary Ann Bernal in ancient Athens Fictionista of Anglo-Saxon Britain stands in the ruins of Classical Greece 172738053 K-Trina Meador Aircraft mechanic by day, multi-genre author at all times... 172940694 Journey to Freedom by K-Trina Meador. 172940695 Doug Glassford A worthy contributor to Kindle All-Stars 2. 173214979 Susan Smith-Josephy 173570252 Lillian Alling by Susan Smith-Josephy 173570253 Tony Healey Science fiction and erotica author from Brighton. 173815789 Far From Home by Tony Healey 173815790 Jeff Provine 173975870 Celestial Voyages omnibus by Jeff Provine Jules Verne is alive and well and living in Oklahoma. 173975871 Infected by William Vitka 174045960 William Vitka 174045961 Simon John Cox 174100959 The Slender Man by Simon John Cox 174100960 Bernard J. Schaffer's better half 174302502 J.A. Beard He used to have a beard. 174501929 The Emerald City by J.A. (Jeremy) Beard Beautiful cover. 174501930 Interred Debut novel for YA novelist Marilyn Almodovar 174747908 Marilyn Almodovar 174747909 Chabu Charles Buckett, the writer known as Chabu 175537813 Take me to the Graveyard by Chabu 175537814 Special Times, Special Summers by Chabu 175537815 A Celtic Tapestry Featuring my interview subject Hunter S. Jones as well as Miranda Stork, Livia Ellis, Laura DeLuca, Elodie Parkes, Elle J Rossi, Tara S Wood, and Carolyn Wolfe . 175897546 Hunter S. Jones Hunter uses this graphic to represent herself online. 175897547 Author S.L. Wallace Don't let her students see this picture! 176048721 Price of a Bounty by S.L. Wallace. Since she's a teacher like me, I'll put all three of her book covers up here instead of the customary one. 176048722 Heart of Humanity by S.L. Wallace 176048723 Canvas Skies by S.L. Wallace 176048724 A meme for Hunter by Robert Bidinotto Two sequels are in the works! 176260857 Robert Bidinotto Bestselling thriller writer, outspoken conservative, Reader's Digest veteran, and warm friend to independent authors 176260858 S.H.E. Anthology Raising money for Sandy Hook Elementary 176453044 Bob and Carol Bridgestock Together they are the prolific writing team RC Bridgestock! 176631666 Letter to Bob and Carol An admiring letter from a fan. 176631667 White Lilies by RC Bridgestock 176631668 Malevolence by Alexander Maisey 177056549 Julie Cassar 177056550 Ruby Blue by Julie Cassar 177056551 Lost in the Seven World by Petronela Ungareanu 177435042 Petronela Ungareanu A dreamer in love with the Romanian countryside. 177435043 Freak Deaky High #1: Killer Ride by T.D. Rizor 178344272 T.D. Rizor There are those who call him.... Tim. 178344273 A Man of Indeterminate Value Ron Felber's latest and greatest novel. 178694836 Ron Felber business, literary, and law enforcement badass 178694763 Kimberly Dana School of the Ages' new Instructor of Experimental Cooking 178877086 Pretty Dolls illustrated by Kurt Jones. Just one of Kimberly Dana's award-winning books. 178877087 Foreign Identity by Becca J. Campbell 179519511 Becca J. Campbell 179519512 Rayne Hall Fantasy Horror Author Obviously, this is a portrait. I don't know what she looks like, but I'm sure she's just about this impressive in person! 179643364 Storm Dancer by Rayne Hall Dark, brutal fantasy. Sounds good to me! 179643365 Writing About Magic Rayne Hall's latest book in the Writing Craft series -- a subject dear to my heart! 179643368 Mary Baker and the Eye of the Tiger by D.M. Cherubim 179808722 179921149 Jake Needham Asia's top crime novelist! 179921150 Jake Needham Asia's top crime novelist! 179921151 Jake Needham Asia's top crime novelist! 179921152 Laundry Man by Jake Needham 179921154 A World of Trouble by Jake Needham 179921155 David Chuka Author of picture books and coloring books. 180369195 Billy and Monster's New Neighbor Has a Secret by David Chuka 180369196 Billy and the Monster Who Loved to Fart by David Chuka Matt Posner says: I also love to fart. 180369197 Good Mommies Guide by Nonnie Jules 180435988 Adventures of Pickleless and Blu By James C. Wallace II 180484995 James C. Wallace II magician, scientist, and chronicler of Oz 180484996 The Encounter by Chrystalla Thoma 180724573 John Boreal and Grey boxed set by Chrystalla Thoma 180724574 Chrystalla Thoma Amazing multilingual author. 180724575 Autobiography of a Baby Boomer by Robert Schultz MD 181469575 Dr. Robert Schultz surgeon, baby boomer, adventurer 181469576 Alice Parker's Metamorphosis Book one of a new adventure series for children by Nicola Palmer 181570380 Alice Parker & The Mind Magician by Nicola Palmer 181570381 Alice Parker & the Secret of Arcanum Cove by Nicola Palmer 181570382 Alice Parker & The Sound of the Silent by Nicola Palmer best one yet. Scene in the London Eye is wicked! 181570383 Nicola Palmer 181570384 One Strange Christmas by Nicola Palmer 181570385 Alice in Deadland by Mainak Dhar 182024668 Hunting the Snark by Mainak Dhar 182024669 Mainak Dhar 182024670 Street Creds by Zach Fortier 182321091 Curb Chek by Zach Fortier 182321092 Zach Fortier A good writer, retired after being good police. 182321093 Mark Barry realistic author with a 70s flair, and publisher Green Wizard 183217012 Carla by Mark Barry 183217011 Violent Disorder by Mark Barry 183217013 Spark A novel of angels and demons by Karyn Pearson 183431240 Karyn Pearson I'm pretty sure she's on the side of the angels. 183431241 Invisible Magic by Mary Buckham 185110429 Writing Active Setting 2 by Mary Buckham 185110432 Mary Buckham author and writing teacher 185110434 Eden Baylee Genre-bending erotica author 185487012 Spring into Summer by Eden Baylee 185487013 Fall into Winter by Eden Baylee 185487014 Elei's Chronicles Rex Banner for the series by Chrystalla Thoma 186033169 187736454 188197224 Leti del Mar California teacher and multi-genre author! 194877484 Secrets of the Unaltered by Leti del Mar YA dystopian romance. 194877485 Leti's monstrous cat She promises this twenty-pound tabby is NOT going to eat her daughter. He is a natural protector. 194877483