The War Against Love -- The Evolution of the Cover The War Against Love -- The Evolution of the Cover My original cover mockup I made this cover mockup with GIMP and unpaid images just to get a chance to look at what I was imagining. It has a red sky -- for war -- plus School of the Ages, Prague's Charles Bridge, my new heroine Ana Vorkina, and one of the book's several monster, a Krampus (German Christmas devil). 157422985 First Professional Cover Draft A few days after I hired Mande Matthews, she produced this early draft with most of the elements in place. We considered other girl models for Ana, but wound up settling with this one. 157422984 Second Professional Cover Draft Mande hand-built this Krampus from other components so that we could go on to refine it. 157422981 Alternate Krampus Cover #1 This Krampus came about when I told Mande the creature should look like a "shaggy Satan." 157422982 Alternate Krampus Cover #2 The Krampus isn't more important than Ana, so he can't be this big. 157422983 Revised original Krampus cover. We tried to make the first Krampus a little meaner. But alas, he still looks like he's squatting on the toilet. 157422979 Alternate Krampus Face #1 This lion-like monster face turned out to be just right! 157422980 Final Cover without Blurb Mande Matthews nailed this cover! She is already hired for the rest of the series. Hire Mande at 157423278