School of the Ages


Quotes I could play my sophisticated psychologist and parapsychologist role (I am one) and talk about the value of the growth and spiritual themes in this book, but I'd much rather admit to being a life-loving, 10 years old boy who still has a great time in this 73 year old body, who read the book, and thought "Cool!" A great story that caught me up, a great parallel to the Harry Potter books (I've read them all at least twice), and a fascinating contrast that our young hero here grows up in New York rather than England and has decent folks for parents rather than the horrible Dursleys. (If you don't know who the Dursleys are, you haven't read the Harry Potter books: that's sad...) I can't wait to see what happens in the next book in this series. Good show, Matt Posner! Matt adds: Follow Charles Tart at Quotes
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Harry Potter in New York City! Yes!

Quotes There is a strong Jewish and biblical current, but it's about magic rather than religion, and the magic is impressive. I got the feeling I was attending the school by correspondence, and that the magic was authentic. A seemingly dull curriculum turns out to be otherwise. Simon has friends and enemies and aspires to romance as he struggles to make his way. This is good reading. It's available on Kindle. (For Piers Anthony's full review, see the FAQ.) Quotes
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